Thank you for your interest in Jax Beaches Family Dentistry’s Training Program!

This training will lead you to State Certification in Expanded Duty Dental Assisting (EDDA) and Dental Assistant Radiology. Expanded Duty Dental Assistants are a vital part of the Dental Team, which includes dentists, hygienists, business personnel, and laboratory technicians. Your investment of a few short months will allow you to assist in the treatment of dental patients. A fully capable EDDA is a valuable member of any dental practice, and you and your family’s future will be more secure knowing that you have a skill that will allow for job security and advancement within the dental team.

Jax Beaches Dental Assisting School's program is a unique, self-paced program, allowing students to work and take care of their families while also being trained.

A rough outline (below) is provided to give an estimate of a reasonable time to complete the entire certification.

Week 1-2

  • Ch 1 Introduction to Dental Assisting.
  • Ch 2 Professional and Legal Aspects of Dental Assisting.
  • Ch 3 Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Ch 4 Dental Anatomy.
  • Observe in Clinic.

  • Week 2

  • Ch 5 Disease Transmission.
  • Ch 6 Infection Control and Management of Hazardous Materials.
  • Ch 7 Surface Disinfection and Treatment Room Preparation.
  • Observe in Clinic.

  • Week 3

  • Ch 9 Clinical Dentistry.
  • Ch 10 Moisture Control.
  • Begin Assisting Chairside.

  • Week 4

  • Ch 11 The Dental Patient.
  • Ch 12 The Dental Examination.
  • Radiology and Chairside.

  • Week 5

  • Ch 14 Pain and Anxiety Control.
  • vCh 17 Preventative Care.
  • Radiology and Chairside.

  • Week 6

  • Ch 19 Instruments, Handpieces, and Accessories.
  • Radiology and Chairside.

  • Week 7

  • Ch 20 Restorative and Esthetic Dental Materials.
  • Radiology and Chairside.

  • Week 8

  • Review and Final Exam.

  • Week 9-12

  • Internship,
  • Certification Courses in Gainesville,
  • Graduation

  • Our program consists of an integrative textbook with video presentations, live demonstrations, and finally much “hands-on” assisting in the actual dental treatment setting. Your initial investment of $2500 will cover the cost of the educational supplies such as your textbook, handouts, and dental supplies. It will also cover your certification for CPR, OSHA, and HIPAA. The only other cost to be expected is the fee charged for the Radiology and Expanded Duty Certification Courses in Gainesville. This will be paid by you to the University of Florida College of Dentistry and is required for state certification. The course involves 2 weekends of instruction in Gainesville.

    Thank you again for your interest and congratulations on your new career choice!

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